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Stress Less and Enjoy MORE with your kids!

When you’re a mom of boys, things get messy. My little guys want to play outside every day, which is amazing and something I definitely encourage, but it usually results in dirty clothing. They love to jump in puddles, play in the dirt, pick flowers, splash in their water tables, and go for walks. They love to be active!

I used to be the kind of mom that would completely stress about every little mess, but as I grew as a mom, I learned that you simply can’t stress out about things you can’t control. I remember feeling tense as I watched mud be slung, or dirt be kicked around, and I really had to sit down and accept the fact that kids are messy, it’s as simple as that. And me being overly-worried was ruining their fun, and no one likes to to be the one holding back anyone from enjoying life and having fun!

Stress Less and Enjoy MORE with your kids!

Luckily, I discovered all® free clear detergent and my newest favorite all® free clear Mighty Pacs®! It’s the #1 Recommended brand by Dermatologists, Allergists, and Pediatricians – and for good reason! It really cleans, like, big time! I had to be sure to follow the directions on the packaging exactly, I was surprised at how little I needed to get our clothing so clean! Now I don’t stress about stains, because I finally have something that can deep clean the way I need it to! 

Stress Less and Enjoy MORE with your kids!

Why we use all® free clear detergent:

  • 100% Free of dyes and perfumes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Clinically proven to be gentle on skin
  • Removes 99% of top everyday and seasonal allergens like cat and dog dander, dust mite matter, ragweed, grass, and tree pollen. This is great for us because we have a busy household with two dogs, two cats, and like I said previously, the boys are outside every day! Of course,“all free clear is not intended to treat or prevent allergies.”

Stress Less and Enjoy MORE with your kids!

Also, huge bonus – It will help give you your sanity back! So, your kids get dirty, so what? Life is short and kids are only kids for a short time! So get out there and get messy with your kiddos! Get in the dirt, splash in the water, and just get out there and have some FUN!

Other tips to stay stress-free with your kiddos:

  • Get out there and have fun WITH your kids. Get out of the sidelines and get your hands dirty – it will help you to not only relax, but to also create a fun moment with your kids.
  • Play some music! We love the Disney station on Pandora and often play it when we’re doing an activity, it helps get everyone into what we’re doing – and we love to sing together, too! 🙂
  • Plan out your activities, if you’re going to spend the day outside, think in advance what you’ll need so you’re not panicking in-the-moment.
  • Plan clean-up, too! Will the kids get messy? Will you need towels, wipes, etc? Will you need to lay down a towel inside of the entryway to your home where kiddos can take off their dirty shoes and clothes? Make sure you’ve got your bases covered before you start.

Pick up your all® free clear detergent at Sam’s Club in the detergent aisle!


Do you use all® free clear detergent?

 I’d love to hear how it allows you to stress less and enjoy more!


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Stress Less and Enjoy MORE with your kids!