So yesterday while knitting William a hat I was thinking about ways I could earn some extra income because:

1. Who doesn’t like to have money?

2. I could REALLY use the extra cash.

3. I could be doing something I love to do.

SO, I thought about ways I could achieve all three of these things. And then it hit me- I’ll open up an Etsy store, so I thought.. and thought… and thought about what types of things I could make ( and not mind making more than one of each)… and then a light bestowed itself upon me and something miraculous happened.. I had a great idea (for once).

{ William wearing his hat proudly.}

And, (I know you’re on the edge of your seats)

{Your Official (see how official?) preview of my new Etsy store}

What do you think? Nobody puts baby in the corner! Check it out and let me know!!
{Link is in the side bar—>}