{You’ll see more of the candle in just a bit}

I’ve wanted to add a little something to the bare wall in our bedroom for quite some time, but I never wanted to spend a crazy amount of money. So, when I came across these things today- I couldn’t help but smile at the price tag and put them in the cart.

{Small picture $1.00}

{“There is only one success.. To be able to spend your life in your own way“.}

{White shelves @ $2.99 each}

Finally I have a place to proudly display my antique mason jars (I’m obsessed).
Total cost to spruce up that bare wall= $6.98

Next are these Candy Corn Candles! I had a specific idea in my head how I wanted these to look- and they turned out perfect! They are really simple to make, and really inexpensive.


1 Bag of Candy Corn( $1.00)
1 tall glass candle holder($1.00)
one tall glass candle in holder($1.00).
Total cost= around $3.00 + tax

Where to shop– The Dollar Store of course!
Originally I went to walmart and the hurricane holder there was $15- crazy!!

I’m so happy with how these turned out- here’s pictures:

{They glow when lit- it’s so pretty!}

PS: If you add a bit of ribbon- they’re EXTRA cute.