Woman’s Day magazine did this to my kitchen.
I’ve had their cupcakes in my head for WEEKS now.
Especially the spiders– so the hubby and I went out, bought the ingredients and got to work!
I live in an apartment complex so I am making these babies for my neighbors, the handy-man, and all the people in the office. {4 batches total}. I even got spider plates and napkins to keep with the theme! Here’s pictures of all the hard work- and how my kitchen was transformed into a bake-station of sorts.
{The Kitchen: Lots of pans, icing, and candy goodness!}
The Spiders- scary, huh? No, they’re supposed to be cutesy-scary!

The head is a Reese’s Cup (In Woman’s Day magazine it said to use a Mallomar, but we love our peanut butter Reese goodness round these parts), mouth is a mini-m&m-
and the eyes are a combo of mini and regular. What are the legs? Tootsie Rolls!
Cut into 4’s (length-wise), then rolled between hands to elongate and you make PERFECT spider legs! Everything is held together with brown icing- Pilsbury in a can (the blue bottle in the first picture).

I wish there was a way to give each and every one of you a little one of these!
The pictures will have to do for now- {until you make them yourself}.