{Disclaimer: This is a review about a company called Bumble Bar. These samples were sent to me and eaten by me {and my hubby}. These are my real opinions. I was not paid to conduct this review.}
Now, onto yummy snacks…
About BumbleBar,
BumbleBar has been the original organic, vegan, gluten free, ethically sourced delicious sesame bar since 1995. Still handcrafted in small batches by a company that follows the People, Planet, Profit business model. “

“We focus on using business as a tool for positive social change. Through our sourcing program, we work with small farmers to achieve organic and sustainable production, and support their communities by paying fair market prices and funding community projects.”

{Right now the purchase of each Bumblebar support a school in Ethopia}
How cool is that!?
The founder, Liz Ward loves to donate part of the earnings to charity. These are the types of companies I love to support, ones that make fantastic products and want to give back!

My husband and I taste-tested EACH bar we were sent. I wanted to be able to tell you which were my favorite- and which I would pass on.
{Hard work, I know.}
The only bars I really didn’t enjoy were the Lushus Lemon and Cherry bar, but I’m definitely not a lemon/cherry person- so if you are – you’d probably love it! 
Our top 3:
1. Amazing Almond
2. Chocolate Crisp
3. Chocolate Mint

Connect with Bumblebar:
Have you tried a Bumblebar before? If so, what did you think?