About Silver Sense:

Silver Sense clothing is made from a unique blend of natural cotton and silver fibers which help to heal skin and reduce the irritation of skin conditions such as eczema. The exclusive clothing range is designed with the rare combination of healing and style in mind. The result is a collection which features the coolest cuts in baby and childrenโ€™s wear essentials, all stitched from super snuggly fabric. The range is designed by Sarah Davies and every item is lovingly made in Nottinghamshire.

The care that goes into making Silver Sense clothing guarantees a range of beautiful designs in bold colours with cute detailing, so your children look stylish whilst their delicate skin is being cared for.

 If you’ve been a reader of the blog – you know that Wyatt suffers from eczema and it took us many, many months to find the right combination of wash, lotion, and cotton clothing to help ease his itchiness. So when we were sent a pair of pajamas from the Silver Sense company – we just had to try them out.

I think Wyatt’s favorite part was the packaging- it was so beautiful! The box was wrapped in ribbon and filled with tissue paper.

 {insert happy baby with tissue paper}
Here are the pajamas we got:

I love the color combination of the light green, grey stripes and yellow accents. When I first picked up the pajamas out of the box I couldn’t believe how great the fabric felt. It was so soft and thick – this is the type of clothing that lasts forever – because it’s made really, really well.

Photo shoot!

Usually Wyatt itches at his thighs – even when he is not having a flare-up. But I am telling you. Not one itch when he was in his new jammies. Which was amazing. I was so over-the-top pleased with this company – especially the customer service. I am definitely going to order little man another pair of these – if only to wear on the especially bad days {since the pajamas are a bit pricey}. But, I think it’s worth the cost- I might have to save up for a bit – but him not itching and being comfortable is well worth it for me.

For more info visit Silver Sense here.
If your child has eczema you should definitely read up about the science behind Silver Sense here
I found this to be extremely interesting and very informative.
If you have any other eczema tips or things that have worked for your family- 
please share them below in the comments!

{Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review – I was sent the product to test.}

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