Wyatt’s first trip to the zoo this summer.
He raised his hand and tried to “pet” everything.
He slept for most of the trip, but was awake for the coolest part..
The seals & polar bears – he loved them – his curious little eyes scanned the surrounding tank as the seals swam up to the glass and then overhead. It reminded me so much of last summer when we took Wyatt to the zoo for the very first time. I remember how he watched the seals in amazement then too. What’s even crazier is how big I thought Wyatt was at the time – and now I look at the picture taken in the same exhibit and see how much he has grown. From a bald little baby with beautiful blue eyes – to a bigger boy with more hair and those same stunning baby blues. And I’m sure next summer, I will think the exact same thing.
Wow. Will this ever get easier?
Watching him grow so quickly before my eyes?
I’m trying my best to hold onto each moment – but, man. 
Who ever said these moments were fleeting hit it right on the nose.

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