Halloween Play 🙂
They were charging $10 to take a picture with one of these knock-off characters! Yeah right!

Pumpkin carving show!
Taking a milk break.
Penguin Pumpkins!

Look at that pout!
Craft area!
“Can you guys believe they just GAVE me these potato chips?” -Wyatt

Using sand & adhesive paper to make spooky decorations!
Admiring his work.
Total “mom butt” in this picture. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I mean.
“Wait, there’s candy in that bag?”

On Saturday we went to the Zoo Boo.
It’s held every year and this was our first time attending.
In fact, this was Wyatt’s first time trick-or-treating.
(Last year doesn’t count because I carried him to one house and then we turned back because it was too cold. Plus, he was a smushy and could barley hold his head up.)

I’m not going to lie.
When the first person put that first piece of candy in his little orange bag…
I may or may not have cried.
William looked over at me confused.
I told him I needed a minute and quickly began to regain control.
This moment was huge for me.
It was our son, walking on his own – holding his bag, trick-or-treating.

Images from last year’s Halloween kept flashing in my head.

But there I was, a year later – watching my son do it all on his own.
It made me feel like Wyatt was 16 and asking for his license or something.
Ugh. Just thinking about it makes me emotional.
The way this kid pulls on my heart strings –
without even really doing anything,
is beyond me.

Sometimes I get lost in the love that I have for him.
It is so difficult to explain.
He consumes my heart.
In that little dimpled hand, he is holding it.
And he’s had it since the day he was born.

I had such a fun time watching him waddle along the path in his little shark costume.
(which was a big hit by the way)
*I got it at Children’s Place on sale for $15!*

I can’t wait for the real trick-or-treating on Halloween.
I’m going to soak it up.
Every minute of his waddling walk.
I’m going to take as many photos as I can.
And next year, when I’m comparing him to the little shark he was this year..
I’ll probably get emotional all over again.

This must be one of those things that just comes with being a mom.
You are so proud as your child grows –
But a piece of you wants them to stay small.
A piece of you wants to freeze every moment and just savor it.

Do you ever feel like this?
Please tell me you do.