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 Being crafty is something I’m new at – and admittedly, a little scared of! But as my girls get bigger, I find myself wanting to do more crafting with them. Since I didn’t want to go out and spend a bunch of money on supplies, I chose a simple project for my crafting debut – glittery princess crowns! You can find the original tutorial at Lilyshop – which also has a link to the downloadable template for the crown. It would be simple enough to draw your own crown as well.  

What you need: 
12″ x 12″ sheet of Glitter Paper from Michael’s 
Crepe Paper 
Glue Gun 
Hole Punch   

I used the template from Lilyshop which I printed and cut out.
 Each sheet of glitter paper can make two crowns.
Trace the crown twice on the back of the glitter paper. 
Draw the lines out past the end of the template to make the crown larger.
Fold a large piece of crepe paper in 1″ sections – accordian style. 
I did this for a while and my stack wound up being about an inch and a half thick. 
Cut the crepe paper from the roll and join the ends, gluing them together to form a crepe paper circle.
Glue the crepe paper circle onto your crown. I filled the center with hot glue and held it down for a few minutes. Since I didn’t have a star punch, I just improvised, cutting a star out by hand and gluing it on top of the crepe paper. 
There are so many different ways to embellish the crown – but we stopped there as I had a very impatient two year old waiting to be a princess. Use a hole punch to punch two holes in the side of the crown ( can you believe I don’t even own a hole punch?!? I just used scissors). Then cut two lengths of ribbon and hot glue gun them into place. Tie the crown in back.
A beautiful princess crown. 
Now, if only I could get my little one to wear clothes with the crown!
She wore it all weekend long. 
I’d say that is a win for this first time crafter.
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