Fire is raining from the sky.
Buildings are crumbling all around us.
And trees are falling off into the great divide that is swallowing our world whole.

Nope, Google Reader is just going away.
I have heard so many people say how hard they worked to get followers.
Listen to this people, how hard you worked.

I completely understand participating in giveaways to get others to see your blog – it’s a great way to gain exposure. But when I enter a giveaway I don’t always follow a blog just because it will gain me an extra entry. I see if I like the blog first and then make the decision whether or not I would like to follow it.

I feel like this is just causing people too much anxiety and last-minute pleading for current readers to follow them a different way. Again, I totally understand wanting to stay connected to your readers. And GFC was an awesome way to not only follow blogs – but it was an easy way for others to follow you. But there are other ways. Bloglovin’ is a great option – and soon I’m sure everyone will use it to follow blogs.

But, Google Reader going away – and most likely GFC, will not lessen your blog.
It won’t effect it’s content.
And won’t change who you are.
People read your blog because of you.
Because of what you have to say.
Not because of how many followers you have.

Does it stink?
But don’t be too upset about it.
This too shall pass.

Are you freaking out?
What are YOUR thoughts?