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Hey everyone! 

Today I want to talk to you about Best Buy Audio Fest and some new speakers that we got for our home. Audio Fest is taking place in Best Buys all over from 8/3-8/30/2014 where they will feature amazing deals on audio products, other specials, events, and much more! They’re rounding up the best deals possible – and then offering them to us! Just head on over and let them tell you how you can LOVE HOW YOU LISTEN.

I was able to participate in Audio Fest and grab two Samsung M5 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker in White. I also picked up the wireless HUB so I could have multi room speakers. This Samsung Shape Wireless Audo System has been amazing – I absolutely love these new additions in our home. The fact that these speakers have Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity means I can send the music I have on my phone (even Pandora!), right to my speakers – which is pretty cool if you ask me!


We have one speaker and the hub downstairs in our living room. The speaker is also able to hook up to our Samsung tv to give the sound an extra boost. I can control the speaker and it’s settings all from an app on my phone (it’s so easy to install & pair the speaker to your phone) – no getting up and re-adjusting – I can do everything I need to do just by tapping my screen!

I have the second speaker upstairs in my office. It’s just the perfect addition to my workspace because I love listening to music while I’m working and the color (white) fits in perfectly with my decor! The speaker can also be mounted to the wall  or stand vertically – so if I ever need more space on my desk I can easily adjust it.



The hub downstairs is what connects both speakers, making them both easy to control. It’s a simple black box that can be tucked behind the television (where I have mine) or laid out flat on your media stand. It’s so nice because you can create a whole home audio system and connect everything through the HUB. I am just blown away by how easy it was to set up our system and how much of a difference it has made in the way we listen to music in our home!

What is REALLY cool is I can control the speaker downstairs from my phone upstairs. So if William and the boys are downstairs together and I’m upstairs in the office I can play “In the Jungle” super loud and laugh about it. Just an example, this totally didn’t happen last week ;). 

Samsung Wireless speaker HUB

So, if you’re unhappy with the speakers in your home or you are already looking around for a good deal on a system head to your local Best Buy for Audio Fest before it’s over! You can stop in and just chit chat about what your needs are and what the best options would be for your home. 

And while you’re there definitely check out the Samsung Shape System, believe me – it’s pretty awesome!

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Could you use a system like this in your home?

What room would you like to have speakers in?