//1// doctors appointment for myself.
//2// little man had his one year shots.
//3 & 4// emergency vet visit.
I had a doctors visit.
I’ll have to dedicate a whole post {or book} to that one.
Wyatt is doing really well.
 He had a shot in each arm – two in his left leg – and one in his right.
 It was terrible, but he did a great job {only cried for a minute or two}. 
what a tough guy. 
Then came home to a sick kitty.
 I was shocked to discover that she was dehydrated and one and a half pounds lighter.
 They hooked her up to an IV to give her some fluids. 
Poor girl
She’s sitting on my lap right now. 
Still not 100% sure what is wrong.
Man, they aren’t kidding when they say….
when it rains, it pours.
but in my case, it’s a torrential downpour.