Lately we’ve been taking things easy.

We’ve really been focusing on saving money – we now watch every penny. I’ve been clipping coupons, shopping sales, and I’ve been getting some pretty great deals in the process. It’s amazing when you can finally make the change to only buying things you really need. It kinda feels great – we are going to purge our closet and get rid of what we don’t wear, go through our cabinets and say goodbye to what we don’t use – because what’s the point of holding onto it? It just takes up space in our tiny cozy apartment.

Wyatt and I recently joined a new playgroup – which has been such an amazing experience. We’re hoping to make some new buddies – because none of my pals have kids. And I’d love for us to make friends that we can have play dates with. Wyatt really loves interacting with the other kids and the woman who leads the new play group is fantastic.

Going to the playgroup has sparked new thoughts about how we are raising Wyatt. I have been thinking about the things I could “tweak” to create a better learning environment for him. I am really beginning to monitor the amount of television he watches per day (i.e. baby Einstein DVDs & Disney movies). It’s recommended by the board of pediatrics that children under the age of 2 watch no tv at all. That I did not know. Did you?

We’ve also joined a summer reading program at the library. For every 2 hours you read to your child you get a free book – how cool is that? I am excited for the day that Wyatt and I get to go to the library and redeem our hours – I can’t wait to let him loose on that pile of books they have and let him pick his own books out!

There’s an adult program too – so of course I had to join! I can’t wait to get my hands on some free books as well! (side note: still working on getting William to join).

If you have any book recommendations for Wyatt or I – please leave them in the comments!

 Oh, and Wyatt has been head-over-heels for spaghetti. It gets so intense that he usually rips off his bib half way through the meal, because hey it just gets in the way. It’s like a battle really – first he picks up the spaghetti – then he stares it down thinking to himself  “Yup, I’m gonna eat ‘cha!” – and then, in a flash it is gone.

The words don’t do it justice – here is the battle captured with images.

 nom. nom. nom.