Hey everyone! Wyatt and I were just sent a fresh batch of products to review – so be on the lookout for more Nuby posts! Being a Nuby blogger is seriously such a gift. I get to try out the latest products with my son, and even donate goodies to local charities. (We are delivering our first batch on Tuesday and I cannot wait!). If you want to be a Nuby mommy blogger – keep following – I will do a post when they are accepting more bloggers!

Fish Swoosh™ Bath time Play Set

Fish Swoosh™ Bath time Play Set

 “Nuby’s Fish Swoosh™ is a another fun and interactive bath time toy from Nûby™. Fish Swoosh™ will help develop and improve your child’s motor skills as well as hand eye coordination. This bath time play set is so much fun. Your child can squeeze and squirt the fish between dunks in the goal! Sturdy suction cups keep the goal adhered to the bathtub wall for endless bath time fun. Fish Swoosh™ is sure to be a bath time favorite.” – Nuby


What Wyatt thought:

Okay, so Wyatt is now nothing short of obsessed with this. He LOVES it. We used it in our kitchen first, and then later tested it out in the bathroom. The back of the net has suction cups so I was able to stick it to the dishwasher with ease. And it didn’t budge. Wyatt was able to slam dunk the little plastic squirters while myself and his daddy cheered him on. Each time he put one in the basket a huge smile would wipe across his face.

The kitchen is such a great play area – and now we have a new way to explore!

Ol’McDonald Singing Plush Toy

Ol'McDonald Singing Plush Toy
“Check out these soft and adorable plush characters by Nûby™! By hugging (or squeezing their tummy!) each character begins to play the familiar and fun children’s song.”- Nuby
What Wyatt thought:
Wyatt loves anything musical – and when I squeezed this duck and it started singing “Ol’McDonald” Wyatt was over the moon. Not to mention these stuffed animals are so incredibly soft and perfect for snuggling! Wyatt carried him around by the legs for the remainder of the afternoon (the legs are the perfect size for little hands). We have been working on learning different body parts so this duck is great because he has to press the tummy to get the song to play!
Where to purchase:
Fish Swoosh Bath Toy: http://www.buybabydirect.com
Ol’McDonald Plush: http://www.buybabydirect.com
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