Sometimes I wonder if I will ever give myself a break.
You see I am caught in this never-ending loop of hating my weight.

I’ll look in the mirror and then dress as quickly as possible, get sad, say something negative about my appearance to my husband, then make a drastic diet change that I secretly know I’ll never commit to.

William and I went to a wedding this weekend and as we were dropping Wyatt off with his grandfather – I asked he he minded snapping a few family pictures. This is what we got. And when I uploaded the images to my computer – I froze in shock.

My eyes scanned the photo from my husbands handsome face, to my adorable son, to…. me.
Is that me? Is that really what I look like?
It’s a similar feeling as hearing yourself on an answering machine – or through a recording.

I guess I just never imagined myself being so heavy.
According to I am 60lbs overweight, actually I’m “obese”.
Man, that was hard to type.

I really want to make a change.
I just feel like I’m not strong enough.
Every time I try and really do this I fail.
And I’m afraid to fail again.

I will finally be finished with college in March of 2013.
6 months.
It is my goal to loose some weight by then.
Right now I am 190lbs (YUP, just put that on the internet!)

Have you been in a similar situation?

Have you struggled with your weight?

I would love to hear your stories
(and share them if possible)
to encourage myself and others to get healthy.

If you would like to email me your story you can do so here: