There I sat on the toilet in my bathroom – starting at the counter top that held the pregnancy test.
My feet tapped against the cold linoleum floor as the three minutes slowly ticked by.
And let me tell you – three minutes can feel like eternity. 
I thought about everything that test could mean, all of the wonderful change it would bring.
I thought about the months that we’d been trying.
Could this finally be the outcome we’ve been waiting for?

And then it happened.
The test blinked – “not pregnant“.
My heart sank and I began to sob.

It’s a completely overwhelming feeling.
Your heart can’t help but hurt.
A part of you wants to give up, throw in the towel and just quit trying.
Because all of these months are becoming just too taxing emotionally.
But another part of you deep down whispers “it’s all worth it“.

You would think that month after month it would get easier –
because you’ve got to be used to the rejection that little plastic stick can dish out by now.
But, it’s not.
Not at all easier – not even in the slightest.

Anyone else read a negative pregnancy test this month?
How long have you been trying // what’s your story?