Sometimes I forget how awesome my husband is, and I shouldn’t. 

Like tonight when we were talking about how I never get to dress up. And that he has to come home to me in my paint stained hot pink sweatpants and one of his t-shirts. His reply was, “That’s when you’re the most beautiful“.

Tonight was one of those rare occassions when we were Wyatt-free and didn’t have homework, work, or any other obligations to attend to. It was just the two of us – and we could do whatever we wanted. We decided to grab some coffee and do a little shopping. We browsed the mall hand in hand. I watched the busyness of it all, and soon we were caught right in the middle of it. People passing you left and right, children in strollers babbling, store registers beeping and clicking. We were lost in the crowd. Normally I would feel anxious in a situation like this – but just holding onto my husbands hand calmed me and made me feel safe.

Shopping for my new size 14 self. 🙂

After the mall we went out and had dinner at The Olive Garden. I had the Salmon and he had pasta. We sat and talked about everything under the moon. That’s one of the things I love about our relationship – we’ve been together forever and we still manage to always have something to talk about. We ate our adult dinner – and had our adult conversation – and it was just lovely. Every few minutes I would think of Wyatt and wonder what he was doing. But it was nice just to have that time for William and I to re-connect. I think it’s extremely important.

It’s weird — because I never really talk about William in detail on here. I’m not sure why – and I’d like to change that. So if you have any questions – feel free to ask.

I’d like to do opening things up and do a Q & A post this week – so please ask me anything in the comments below + I will try to answer it.