Hey all! It’s that time again – time for another Nuby review post! I haven’t done one of these in awhile so I am excited to share some of our favorite products that we’ve been enjoying for the past few months!

First up is this Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush. We are still working to get Wyatt to use a sippy so in the meantime we’re using this handy little thing to clean all of his bottles. I love that it dispenses soap! That’s just one extra step I don’t have to worry about and it makes the job so much easier!
“The new Easy Clean™ Soap Dispensing Bottle Brush with Suction Base features a strong suction base to help keep the brush upright and away from germs. Simply push the button to dispense the perfect amount of soap. The soft textured handle ensures a comfortable grip. This new innovative bottle brush by Nûby™ was also engineered with two bristle types to insure thorough cleaning even on irregular surfaces.” – NUBY

 “The Nûby™ Booster Seat is safe, durable and strong. It features a wide sturdy base, and subtle contours that are comfortable and stylish. It comes equipped with safety straps that can be attached to most chairs. Holds up to 65 pounds!” -NUBY

Wyatt absolutely loves his seat – it’s light enough that he can lift and move it himself. We haven’t tried it as a booster seat because we’ve been too busy using it as a chair! He takes it to his train table, easel, etc. and just thinks it’s so cool!

Next is the Nuby bottle rack – this is awesome because it’s got plenty of room for caps, tops, and bottles themselves. You can dry everything separately in it’s own spot and the rack is so easy to clean! 
“This Nûby™ Drying Rack holds up to eight bottles, as well as nipples, rings, discs and caps. It is also ideal for pacifiers and training cups. It comes pre-assembled. The sturdy drying posts securely lock into place for drying and fold down easily for storage. Just place on any flat surface, as the built-in reservoir holds the excess water for easy draining.” -NUBY
Before this NUBY basket, I had a munchkins one. The munchkins one broke a few months after we got it so I was happy to see how durable this was. I love the clasps on the side that safetly secure the top on. I don’t have to worry about this bad boy falling apart. Oh, and there is SO much room! Perfect for bottle tops, coffee cup lids, spoons, and any other small items you don’t want to lose!

You can pick on up here for just $3.99!

“The Nûby™ Dishwasher Basket is perfect for cleaning pacifiers, nipples and other small accessories in any dishwasher. It has a unique design that enables nipples to stay upright, allowing for better cleaning and drying. The well ventilated lid keeps small pieces safely in container, while still thoroughly cleaning contents.” – NUBY

We just love Nuby dishes in our house. The bowls, plates, cups, everything. It’s because they are so durable! And the suction cups on the bottom keeps the bowl in place – I don’t have to worry about it being knocked over and creating a mess. Wyatt loves to use the suction cup bowls when he is playing at his train table and needs a snack. The bowl just sticks right to it and he can reach over and grab right from it!
 “Nûby™ is putting the “FUN” in feeding. The Wacky Ware™ Suction Bowl is perfect for daycare, travel, or any on-the-go occasion. The bowl is conveniently sized just right for dry cereal or other baby foods and features a suctioned base that keeps the bowl firmly in place during feeding. It also features a lid that seals tightly to keep food fresh during storage. The Wacky Ware™ Suction Bowl is available in a variety of fun colors so you can mix and match to create your own stylish combinations. And because they are made from break resistant plastics, they are dishwasher/microwave safe and can stand up to the rigors of everyday use.” -NUBY

I hope you enjoyed this post and perhaps found a new product or two that you’d be interested in trying! I really do love the Nuby products that we have received and feel very lucky to be a Nuby Mommy Blogger!


Disclosure: Wyatt and I were sent these products for review at no cost to us as part of the Nuby Mommy Blogger Program. The opinions however are 100% our own.