We call it “possuming”.
It’s when a stranger approaches and Wyatt goes completely limp.
If we’re at the grocery store, he’ll put his head down on the shopping cart handle.
If we’re out to eat, his head goes directly on the table.
And if he is standing he will immediately fall to the floor and hide his face.

After he “possums” he makes this squeal/growl noise that is hard to define.

It’s almost like he is playing dead or something.
I think he thinks that if he can’t see the person, they can’t see him.

I know this is normal for Wyatt’s age (21 1/2 months).
But I just feel bad that he gets so uncomfortable around other people.
I found some great information + tips on BabyCenter.

We think it is just separation anxiety and that he will just take some extra time getting used to people he doesn’t know. Which is completely okay with me.

Have you experienced this?
Did you do anything in particular that helped?