1 in every 1,000 babies that are born has clubfoot.

We could tell from the ultrasound pictures that Levi would be born with a clubfoot so I was able to do some research about treatments and types before he was even born. But all the research in the world can’t prepare you for the first time you’re holding your small baby in your arms and they’ve got a full-leg cast on. But, in all honesty – it looks a lot worse than it actually is. The doctors and nurses are all so incredibly nice and comforting and for the first two of Levi’s casts – he didn’t even make a peep.

The treatment method that we are using is called the Ponseti Method.

The Ponseti Method consists of 3 steps:

  1.  Stretching out the tendon and casting to straighten the foot. (6 weeks)
  2.  Surgery to clip the heel cord, casting for 2-3 weeks to allow tendon to heal.
  3.  Wearing a brace on the feet 24-7 for 3 months – after the 3 months the brace must be worn while sleeping (nap time & night time) for 4 years.
This PDF explains everything better than I ever could in full detail.

After the first casting Levi was pretty fussy, and after the second casting it was worse. The doctor assures me this is normal – they are manipulating the foot and then casting it in a position that it’s not used to – so it tends to be pretty uncomfortable. We were advised to give him Tylenol to keep him comfortable if he seems overly-fussy.

1st Casting
2nd Casting

It definitely makes things more difficult and my heart hurts for my little 7lb 9oz baby that is going through this. But it’s necessary and we have to be strong as a family to get through this for the next few years. Levi is such a little fighter – and he is doing an amazing job!

So for now we’re following the method by the book – our orthopedic surgeon is amazing and we are just so happy that we have the ability to help Levi and correct his foot.

Can’t wait to see all the progress he makes!