Disclosure: I was sent the following product for review from Flat Iron Experts. All opinions about my curly hair and the amazing transformation are 100% my own!

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to be telling you about a flat iron I received for review a few weeks ago from FlatIronExperts.com. As you may know – my hair is CURLY. Like really CURLY. It is thick and frizzy and so hard to manage. I’ve tried numerous hair styling tools and I just could never get my hair as straight as I wanted it. All other straighteners would always leave me with wavy hair – not pin straight like I desired.

When I got this straightener in the mail I was a total skeptic. I didn’t think it would work and I had a negative outlook before I even began. The first time I tried it was one time that I took Levi to get one of his casts on. Wyatt was napping and Levi was sound asleep so I whipped out the straightener, cranked it up to the highest setting, and got to work.

These were the results:

I couldn’t believe how well the straightener worked and better yet – I couldn’t believe how good I felt! I used to dread styling my hair – I’ve been growing it out for awhile now but I could never wear it down and see how long it actually was because it always looked terrible to me. Not anymore!

I am seriously in LOVE with my hair now! I don’t have to run the straightener through each section more than ONE time which makes the process so much faster! It doesn’t snag on my hair like my other straightener but instead runs through smoothly. I make sure to use a heat protector spray before styling because I have to use the highest setting which is 450 degrees! I’ve been using the KQC Thermal Shine Spray and it has been working great! The only downside to this thermal spray is that it makes the floor SO slippery! When you’re spraying it on your hair it will get on the bathroom floor – so make sure you either put a towel down before! I swear I slipped and almost broke my butt, not fun. But the product itself works great!

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