On Monday the 20th, Levi got his last cast taken off – and his new shoes put on. These shoes keep his feet in the correct position so they will not revert back. His right foot is his clubfoot so that one is positioned just a little bit differently than his left. When the doctor took his cast off and looked at his little foot he said that it was healing so well that he will only have to wear these shoes 24-7 (except for bath time) for one month instead of three!

After that, depending on how his feet are healing – he could only have to wear them around 16 hours a day. So he would be able to take them off for 8 hours a day! The transition from cast to shoes hasn’t been an easy one. He has been more fussy and more uncomfortable. But it’s getting better with each day that passes.

He gets to take the shoes off once a day for bath time – because lets face it – that little foot gets stinky being cooped up in there all day! So he is able to wiggle his toes and move his legs freely for a whole hour, and he LOVES it!

I’m so proud that he is a little fighter – and that through all of this – he’s still smiling ๐Ÿ™‚ Just wanted to give you all a little update on how he was doing and how he is coping with this change.

Oh, and if you ever have a baby with clubfoot – don’t buy any cute baby pants or footed pjs because they won’t be able to wear them with these shoes! Only outfits that snap at the bottom or leg warmers (which I ordered this week!). I’ll do a separate post on must-haves but just wanted to throw that little tip in there!