Disclosure: This post is in partnership with Hickory Farms as I am a proud ambassador for the brand.

Wine and Cheese Pairing with Hickory Farms

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Hope you’re having a wonderful day! Today I wanted to share my newest obsession, Hickory Farms products! I’ve always been a fan of their holiday items, but as I’m trying more and more, I’m realizing I’m just a fan, period. Not only do they have amazing products, they’ve got the most amazing gifting options! Like the All The Cellar’s Best  – it has been my favorite selection so far. Just look at all of the deliciousness!

Wine and Cheese Pairing with Hickory Farms

 Filled with delicious salami, cheese, and wine the All The Cellar’s Best is perfect for gifting or for purchasing for your next holiday gathering! I had the pleasure of opening and sharing this selection Wine and Cheese Pairing with my family and my goodness – was it incredible! The cheeses ranged from mild to sharp so there was a variety for guests to choose from. 

The fact that everything comes together in the adorable wooden crate makes it so simple and easy to grab and display for your loved ones to enjoy! I just pulled out a wooden cutting board, sliced up the items and served them with delicious Hickory Farms crackers, pineapple honey mustard, and wine. 


This Wine and Cheese Pairing both complemented each other so beautifully, and I just loved being able to present guests with a variety of flavors for them to try. The dry salami was a favorite, it’s carefully handcrafted from select cuts of pork and flavored with the perfect amount of red wine, yum! And the Triple Crème Cheese instantly won my heart with its smooth texture and mild flavor.



Items Pictured:

  • (2) 7 oz. Dry Salami
  • 5 oz. Triple Crème Cheese (my favorite!)
  • (2) 5 oz. 3 Year Aged Cheddar
  • 5 oz. Smoked Garlic Cheddar
  • 5 oz. Apple Smoked Cheddar with Paprika
  • Handley Pinot Noir
  • Golden Toasted Crackers
  • Olive Oil and Rosemary Crackers
  • Honey and Pineapple Mustard

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Hickory Farms is perfect for holiday entertaining – just browse around their website and you’ll find everything from ham (it’s amazing) to sweets! If you haven’t tried the Hickory Farms Spiral Sliced HoneyGold Ham, you need to! 


I’m going to be back with another post soon all about entertaining with Hickory Farms (and showing you some other products too), so be sure to check back! In the meantime, check out all of the wine gifts that Hickory Farms has to offer – I’m thinking about ordering another gift to have on hand for a date night in! How fun would that be?! 

Have YOU tried Hickory Farms?
What is YOUR favorite product?