Shirt: c/o Hello Apparel, Pants: Gap, thrifted. Shoes:Target

There is something really special about the moments we’ve been sharing together lately. It’s like he is opening up and blooming into this completely different soul. He is still sweet and kind but now he is eager to learn about everything around him. He is trying to talk so much more – and has new words like “bird” and “baby” that he says on a regular basis. He’s been working really hard with his speech and ot therapists and lately he has been thriving! He wants to help me do things all the time from putting the clothes in the dryer to helping me make coffee in the Keurig ( I know, it’s amazing).  I am just so thankful for him, and his sweetness – and the countless amount of smiles he spreads across my face.  And I just feel SO lucky for the fact that I get to spend all of my days with him.