Disclosure: A huge thanks to LUSH for sponsoring today’s post!

Have you ever opened something and been so overwhelmed with happiness that you just wanted to squeal? No, just me? Well, friends.. I am in LOVE with this Lush Valentine’s Day gift! It’s called Lots of Love and it’s pretty much the bee’s knees. It has everything in it – soap, shower gel, bath bomb, body conditioner, bubbleroon bubbles, massage bar, and toothy tabs!

Here are some photos of the gorgeous items:

I am completely obsessed with the entire LUSH Valentine’s Day collection – the items are both easy on the eyes, skin, and nose! There are so many more items that I would like to try! But, this is BY FAR my favorite gift set that I’ve ever gotten from LUSH.

The Sex Bomb Bath Bomb is my new favorite – it has an amazing jasmine scent to it and turns your water pink! It even leaves a sweet little flower behind in the water. I’ve never had a more relaxing soak – I even posted about it on my Instagram the other night!

The shower gel is called Prince Charming, and it is just that – charming. It smells so sweet and fresh all at the same time. The pomegranate juice really stands out making it a fruity and delicious way to wash! It goes great with the Neon Love soap which has a Passion Fruit scent – the two really compliment each other and you can’t get soap any cuter, right?!

The Rose Jam Bubbleroon is just the bee’s knees. It’s amazing. I love the Rose Jam scent and anything in that scent is a win in my book. I love how moisturizing and pampering it is – just crumble under running water and you’ll get wrapped up in the rosy-deliciousness! And after you’re done soaking in the tub try out the Close to You Massage Bar – it’s perfect for foot and back rubs and really melts into your hands when you’re using it. It smells wonderful and isn’t too oily like a lot of massage bars – it’s your perfect pal for a rub down!

Our last two in the set are the Chou Chou.. I Love You toothy tabs and the Ro’s Argan body conditioner. It was my first time trying both of these products and I was pleasantly surprised! The toothy tabs taste wonderful and really help freshen up your mouth! They are easy to use and add a fun and different excitement to brushing your teeth! The body conditioner went on SO smooth – it’s filled with cocoa butter and many different oils to make your skin super soft and supple. I could have used the whole jar in the shower – it was amazing!

If you’ve never treated yourself to a LUSH gift set – now is the time to start before this amazing box sells out. I promise you’ll love it – and if you’re planning on spending Valentine’s in with your sweetie this is the perfect survival kit! Enjoy!