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Clubfoot Baby

Since Levi was born, and we shared our story – I have been getting e-mails from other clubfoot mommas asking for suggestions on what they should buy/register for. I absolutely LOVE connecting with these women and wanted to publish a list of things that we have used with Levi to make the casting/boot process much easier in hopes that it might make the journey easier for someone else.

  1. Baby Leg Warmers These are amazing to slip on over casts and to use after the casting process is over and your little one is in the boots and bar. I am telling you, it is almost impossible to change a clubfoot baby in a pair of pants – Levi just recently started wearing pants and that’s only because he can have his boots off for 8 hours a day now.
  2. Moccasins We love Freshly Picked moccasins because they are stretchy and comfortable for little feet. I used to slip them on over Levi’s cast too – and they stretched to fit. They’ve got a great elastic band on the top of the shoe that helps keep the shoe on – which is great for little ones that love to kick!
  3. Halo Sleep Sacks these are the ONLY sleep sacks we have found that comfortably fit Levi’s boots and bar. Levi was casted for 6 weeks and wore his sleep sack every night. Other swaddles are too tight and don’t allow room for wiggling legs – and when the baby has that bar on their feet there is no flexibility there, they need the wider bottom of the Halo Sleep Sack.
  4. Cotton Socks We found socks at Carters that have the highest % of cotton – you want the socks to be breathable when they are in those boots all day – because believe me, their feet will SWEAT.
  5. Snap outfits (again Carter’s) – these make changing diapers SO much easier.
  6. Baby Tylenol We had to give Levi Tylenol a few times after casting and after surgery. He was so uncomfortable and this really helped him to relax and sleep pain-free. I know there are lots of opinions about baby Tylenol, but for us, it worked and I was so happy to have it on hand.
  7. Soothie pacifiers We got a few of these at the hospital (it was the first time we’d used them) and they comforted Levi like nothing I’ve ever seen. Wyatt always used NUK pacifiers – but when we gave Levi a NUK it just wasn’t the same – he wanted the soothie (especially after surgery). I have also been putting his soothies in the freezer and giving them to him since he has already started teething!
  8. Muslin Swaddle Blankets I bought mine at Target (with a coupon) and they are just amazing. I know they’re a little bit more expensive (okay, a whole lot more), but they are SO worth it. I used them to swaddle Levi when he was first born (they fit over the cast) and I even used them to swaddle him when he first got his boots on. He is too big to use them now, so I have made them our blankets/burp cloths. And they get softer the more you wash them, now Levi loves to grab and cuddle them.
  9. Car Seat Covers we use these to cover Levi’s bar. It can really hurt when he’s whipping those little legs around – and the metal bar can scratch up the crib, etc. Believe me, you don’t want to get kicked in the shin with an unprotected bar, ouch! Also, my friend over at Little Bit Funky made us two covers that velcro on for a better fit. We have 3 covers total – one for the diaper bag, one for the boots, and one in the laundry.
  10. Cotton padding – This is just for the casting phase. Ask your doctor for some extra cotton padding to put in the cast – the cast WILL get wet at the top near the diaper line. There were many times that I had to peel off the edge of the cotton and add more in.

So, that’s it – I hope this list helped a few of you mommas out there who are searching the internet for Clubfoot information. I remember when we first found out that Levi was going to have a Clubfoot, it was a strange and emotional experience. Also, please know that you can ALWAYS contact me with questions. I’m no expert but Levi is almost 5 months old so I’m pretty familiar with what he needs, etc. You can reach me here >> [email protected].

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