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Hello there, friends!

Today we’re going to be talking about some of the items in the LUSH Easter Collection! By looking at the image above you can tell that the items are adorable – but let’s get a little bit more in-depth, shall we?

  • Brightside Bubble Bar- This Bubble bar smells like a citrus dream, seriously. It’s huge and can be broken up into fourths so you can enjoy it 4 different times. It creates large, frothy bubbles and you’ll get lost in the delicious tangerine and mandarin smell! Plus, how cool does it look?!

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  • Bunny Bubble Bar – this little guy is not only adorable, he’s packed with moisturizing goodness too! He contains coconut butter and shea butter to make your skin silky smooth and smells like vanilla absolute. The inside contains small blue cornflower petals that float around your tub after he is dissolved! The smell is incredible – sweet and relaxing.

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  • Golden Egg Bath Bomb/Bath Melt- Okay, this guy is just flat-out cool. It’s a bath bomb/ bath melt mix that smells like the sweetest honey! Gold flakes cover the outside and when it’s placed in a hot tub the gold flecks glimmer in the water. It’s a totally different experience when compared to a normal bath bomb. This guy really packs a punch – and makes the water so beautiful you’ll catch yourself watching the gold flecks dance!

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  • Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar- Out of the entire collection, this is my favorite smell. Each carrot (comes in a bunch of three) smells of lemon and bergamot. What makes these little carrots unique is that they are reuseable! You don’t crumble them under running water like you would a normal bubble bar – instead you just hold them under the running water. For me, each carrot can be used for TWO baths which makes this little group of three good for SIX sudsy baths!

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  • Carrot Soap- The same scent as the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar, this soap leaves the skin smooth and beautifully scented. I love that I can smell it on my skin after bathing, it’s my favorite lemony scent from LUSH. If you only try one item from the Easter collection, try a carrot item!

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  • The Immaculate Eggception (Yellow)- Line up the seam of this GIANT bath bomb to your tub and crack it open – you’ll see that there is a little something extra inside! Another bath bomb! This huge guy can be used for three different baths! Get ready to energize with a ylang ylang, grapefruit, and vanilla scent! These bath bombs are so much fun to use – Wyatt tested out part of it and absolutely LOVED it! He loves throwing bath bombs into the water and watching them fizz and this was the perfect one for him to enjoy – beautifully colored, decorated, and it had a surprise inside – what can beat that?

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ย You can view the entire Easter Collection HERE.

What items do you want to try?!