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Today we’re going to talk about stylish baby wipes and on-the-go must-haves for your diaper bag! It seems like the older the boys get, the more we are going-going-going! To doctors appointments, speech therapy visits, foot specialists, class trips, and more! As you may know, I have TWO babies in diapers right now, TWO. So my diaper bag is just packed with stuff. On busy days, when you’re out and about – the last thing you want to be is unprepared. Like, if you’re at the store and your baby goes #2 and you look in the diaper bag to see NO DIAPERS (this happened to me last week).

diaper bag contents

Here are my must-haves for Levi while on the go:

  • Diapers – I always make sure to have plenty of diapers stuffed in my bag. Levi hates being wet – even if its just the littlest amount! So we make frequent changes.
  • Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean* Wipes – These wipes are my favorite! It’s like a pretty clutch for wipes! I bought ours for $3.99 at Target. What’s cool about them is that it has the strap, so you can put it over your stroller handle, wrist, pretty much anywhere! I love to throw it on my wrist and grab a diaper when we need to make a quick change on a family outing so I’m not lugging the heavy diaper bag AND Levi into the bathroom. It makes it so much easier! I also love that you can re-use them! When the wipes are out, just re-fill! You can buy the jumbo packs of Huggies wipes (which are cheaper than the individually packaged ones) and just re-fill your clutch! The clutch itself is made out of a really durable material, it’s not cheap and flimsy.
  • Sophia the Giraffe – Levi LOVES this little thing! He loves to chew on the legs and squeak it. Wyatt had one too when he was a little baby so we just had to pick up another one!
  • Rattle – Levi is loving this little rattle – it’s soft and plush and fits perfectly in his little hand.
  • Soothie – We actually got a bunch of these from the hospital when Levi was born. Since then, we’ve had to purchase them non-stop because he just can’t get enough of them! We even put them in the freezer to help with teething pain.
  • Swaddle/Blanket – I remember when I had Wyatt everyone talked about these blankets. And I didn’t buy into the hype. They were gifted to me when I had Levi and now I can’t imagine not having them! I use them for swaddles, burp cloths, and blankets. They’re multi-purpose and really come in handy!
  • Moccasins – Levi was born with Clubfoot so he has to wear special shoes with a bar for most of the day. He wears his special boots 16 hours a day but has them off between 12pm-8pm. Sometimes we’re at school with Wyatt until that time so I like to have these on hand to make the switch.



These wipes really are the coolest! Look at some of the cute colors they come in:

stylish baby wipes

I LOVE the floral-y print but William loves the print on top, he says it’s more “manly”, hehe.

To learn more about these stylish baby wipes, visit the Huggies website here.

You can see the colors and find out where you can pick up a clutch (or two) for yourself!