On Friday, Wyatt turned 3. We wanted the day to be filled doing things that he loved to do. He swam, ran through the sprinkler, played in his new sandbox, blew bubbles, watched Wallykazam, and didn’t have to wear pants. It was his perfect day. There wasn’t a big party, there wasn’t a fuss, it was just us and it was wonderful.



I watched as Wyatt played. I watched as he smiled and laughed and ran around like crazy. I can’t believe that my little one is now three years old. And in just a few short months, he’ll be starting preschool. He is growing, changing and learning more and more each day. I feel so blessed that I am able to witness this sweet boy grow and bloom into the amazing young man that I know he will be. He is sweet, loves to snuggle, and gives kisses every chance he gets. He may not be able to say “I love you” but he sure can show it.

Wyatt’s godmother, Natalie stopped by with a toy lawn mower that blew bubbles when you pushed it. Wyatt was amazed. 

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It was such a great day, and it was so filled with love. My heart is having a hard time accepting that Wyatt is growing up so fast – it really seems like just yesterday he was turning one. Now, our lives are completely different – in so many ways. And I’m just trying to enjoy every moment, take as many pictures as I can, and breathe it all in.

We are so, so blessed.

Happy Birthday, Wyatt.

You are SO loved.