Disclosure: A huge thanks to Luma Comfort for sponsoring todays post.

Hey folks! Happy Saturday!

Today I’d like to have a chat a little bit about the The Luma Comfort EC45S Tower Evaporative Cooler. This thing pretty much rocks. If you know me, you know I hate heat. Like, hate it. When I get over-heated I become a giant baby – it’s brought me to tears before, just ask my hubby. But as much as I love staying cool, I cringe when I open our electric bill each month and see how much our window air units are costing us.


That’s why there are inventors out there who come up with genius ideas like this evaporative cooler. It’s super lightweight so you can move it all around your house – and it uses the same amount of electricity as a household lightbulb! Think about that for a second – how crazy is that?! Right now we live in a house window units and those bad boys are SO expensive to run. We have one in Wyatt’s room, one in our room, and one downstairs. Sometimes they’re all three running at the same time! It’s nice to find an alternative that will give our wallets a much-needed break!

The evaporative cooler is nice because we could use it instead of running the air and still keep cool. Note that if you live in an area with super-high humidity this will only work as more of a fan. This unit was designed to help out with dryer climates (hello Phoenix friends!). There are a ton of reviews online saying if you live in a  dry climate, you need one of these babies. And – if you’re not sold yet just check out the design.  I love how slender it is, perfect for tucking it in a corner (as shown below), the design doesn’t distract from the decor either (another bonus!).


This baby distributes cool air and is so inexpensive to run – especially when compared to room air conditioners. When I first heard of these I couldn’t wrap my head around how they worked. After some research I discovered that it cools the air using evaporated water – no harsh chemicals needed. This little guy is completely eco-friendly too, which I love! You can even customize the air cooler’s output with three different options!

What do you think – could you use one of these?

Check out the youtube video from Luma Comfort here for more info!