Disclosure: A huge thanks to LUSH Cosmetics for sponsoring today post!

Hey, friends!

Happy Happy Tuesday!

Today I’m a little over-excited because I’m sharing a LUSH post with you! It’s been awhile since I’ve written one but that is just because I’ve been been busy testing out these awesome hair products! Sometimes the days are so long that there is zero time to relax. But having a few of these products to use in the shower has been so nice! I am really loving the rehab shampoo so let’s start off with that! 


Rehab Shampoo – This shampoo brings your hair back to life, so it’s perfect if you color your hair often or your hair just needs a pick-me-up! It’s got an amazing smell and it’s packed with fresh fruit juices to make your hair smooth and healthy! Out of all of the shampoos, this is my favorite! 


Retread Hair Conditioner– The richest conditioner from LUSH! It softens and strengthens your tired, weak, hair and packs it full of nutrients and protein! I like to use this as more of a leave-in conditioner when I’m in the shower. I coat my hair, put on a shower cap and let it soak in for about 5 minutes. When I rinse my hair is smooth and soft and so manageable! 


The Strokes Hair Treatment– This is my favorite hair treatment, ever! The smell is amazing – it’s musky and really smells of the lemongrass that it contains. It’s also got locally brewed beer in it which helps give hair some weight (works wonders for frizz). As far as hair treatments go, this is a must-have!


BIG Sea Salt Shampoo– Sea salt & Lemon – this stuff makes your hair shine! It is packed with salt so you can really scrub that scalp and get rid of any dead skin, etc. It is so refreshing! And this stuff gives you incredible shine – love this shampoo!


R & B– If you have frizz, you need this hair moisturizer! It’s packed with moisture and can be used just after washing your hair as a leave-in conditioner. I love to rub it into my ends because they tend to get dry and this stuff just does the trick!


Dr.Peppermint– This guy helps stimulate new hair growth, and I’ve been using it almost every other wash for a few weeks. It feels great when it’s massaged into my scalp and I feel like it’s really been helping with oil as well!

What are your favorite LUSH products?