The zoo is one of my favorite places to take Wyatt, so I was really excited when we took Levi for his first zoo visit. We went first thing in the morning so it was nice and cool, most of the animals were out and as an added bonus, we were able to get some good exercise in. The boy’s godmother, Natalie came along with us – and it was really special to watch her with the boys.

Wyatt’s favorite part (and mine) is the seal/polar bear exhibit – so that’s where we spent the majority of the time. There is something so majestic about watching the seals swim underwater. The way they move so gracefully, weaving through the water. It’s so beautiful.

I am so happy that I lugged my camera around and was able to get some of these shots.
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Do you go to your local zoo?
What is your kids/your favorite animal to see?