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Hi, friends!

Living with a chronic illness is flat-out hard. Most days it’s a struggle to just get out of bed and get my day going – and I know I’m not alone in this. Sometimes, it can be hard to find the light when you’re trapped in a body with such a painful illness – so I wanted to share some tips on how I stay positive on the hardest days.

5 Tips for Staying Positive with Endometriosis

5 Tips for Staying Positive with Endometriosis

  1. Inspirational Quotes – I have a board on my Pinterest where I add uplifting and positive words and quotes. Both the searching for quotes, and visiting the board to read them is so therapeutic. Don’t ever underestimate the power of words.
  2. Community – Sometimes just feeling like you aren’t alone with your illness is enough to turn around a bad day. I have worked so hard to create a community on Instagram where women with chronic illness can come and vent and gain inspiration, and I can’t wait to grow it, even more, this year. Know that my DM’s are always open if you have a question, need to vent, or just need a little encouragement during your day.
  3. FB Groups – Facebook is a great source for support groups. I am a member of a few and often go there to read the stories of others and stay updated with new treatment options. In one of these groups, you can post your own story, ask for advice, and so much more. Here are a few that I enjoy: endometriosis and me, Nancy’s Nook, Thrive Like a Wildflower: Life with Endometriosis.
  4. Get Some Fresh Air – Getting some fresh air is always a good idea when you’re not feeling well. Going for a drive listening to some music with the windows down, sitting on the front porch to enjoy a cup of coffee, or just going for a light walk around the neighborhood can refuel your soul. Sometimes my husband and I will just go for a drive for 10-30 minutes just to get out of the house and change the scenery.
  5. Lose Yourself in Something You Love – Do you love to paint? Write? Draw? Color? Try diving deep into an activity that brings you joy. Sometimes distracting ourselves as much as possible is the key to forgetting we’re in so much pain. So go ahead and try something you’ve always wanted! Maybe pick up a knitting class or an activity that will also get you out of the home for a bit that doesn’t require too much physical strain.

5 Tips for Staying Positive with Endometriosis

Any of these tips sound good to you? I’m always on the hunt for more so if you can think of other tips and ideas that might benefit someone who is living with a chronic illness please be sure to reach out!

Also – I want you to always remember that YOU ARE STRONG. You are a force, don’t confuse yourself for someone who is weak just because you feel weak sometimes. Together, we’ve got this.

5 Tips for Staying Positive with Endometriosis

with love,

your endo sister –

xo, K

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