25 At Home Nail Ideas

Heyyyyyy ladies!!

I am so happy to be sprinkling this little piece of beauty onto your screen today! I wanted to share a few fun ideas I came across because 1) my nails need some HELP 2) Nails are a fun way to self-care and bring a little more joy to our daily lives. When my nails look pretty, it makes me feel better. So I will be sharing new and different nail ideas here as often as I can to add to the collection! Then, you can reference them whenever you need to!

25 At-Home Nail Ideas

  1. Peach and Black Simplicity: See the look on @affordablebyamanda here
  2. Geometric Pink Evil Eye Nails / Living After Midnite
  3. Northern Lights / Essie
  4. Pink & Red Heart Nails / Living After Midnite
  5. Geode Nail Art / Essie
  6. Geo Dots / @affordablebyamanda here
  7. DIY Dip Powder Nails / Life on Beacon
  8. Sleek Stripes / Essie 
  9. At-Home Gel Manicure / She Saw Style
  10. DIY Home Manicure / Fabulously Overdressed
  11. Brushy Ombre / Essie
  12. Polka Dot Q-tip Manicure / Paisley + Sparrow
  13. All Eyes on You / Essie
  14. Bright Rainbow / Living After Midnite
  15. Color Curve / Essie
  16. Tropical Nail Look / Living After Midnite
  17. Geo Gorgeous / @affordablebyamanda here
  18. Half Moon Manicure / The Beauty Blog
  19. Pastel Shades / Essie
  20. Pantone Nails / Current Fixation
  21. Wild at Heart / Essie
  22. Galaxy Nails / A Beautiful Mess
  23. Silver Moons / Essie
  24. Shimmer & Stars / Essie
  25. Between the Lines / Essie

So tell me – which of these at-home nail designs will YOU try? I’m so excited to dive in and try all of these new colors and combinations! Now is a great time to learn a new skill and I have a feeling I am going to get hooked on nail polish and styling tools! If you have another fun DIY idea we can add onto our next post, be sure to reach out and share it!

Happy Nail Polishing!

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25 At Home Nail Ideas