Michigan Coronavirus Lockdown

Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago when I was in Utah on a work trip with some of my best friends? Wasn’t life just normal – my kids going to school, us being out and about? Man, things can change so quickly.

We’ve been on self-quarantine for about three weeks now. With my chronic illness and Wyatt’s weakened immune system, we really couldn’t afford to take any chances. So that’s three weeks of staying home, three weeks of no school, three weeks of filling our time, teaching the kids, and trying to keep busy.

I wake up every day almost forgetting what it’s like outside. We were going on daily drives (not allowed as of last night) and seeing people out and about like nothing was happening. People living their everyday lives as if this virus didn’t exist. Meanwhile, we’re getting groceries delivered to the house and wiping them down with sanitizing wipes before bringing them inside.

I’m trying my best to keep things as normal as possible for the kids, but they pick up on everything. We’ve been doing lots of movie nights, game nights, crafts, and LOTS of time playing with our pets. We still play outside in the yard, I’ve got a huge bucket of chalk that the boys use to draw on the driveway and sidewalk. They still blow their bubbles up into the air and we watch as they slowly float away – a second of normalcy. 

How long will this last? How many lives have been lost? Will I get sick? Will my kids get sick? How will my body handle the illness if that does happen? These are all things that have been bouncing back and forth in my head. These are scary times and the uncertainty for me is even scarier. The GOOD part about all of this is we’re seeing more GOOD in people. People offering to donate supplies, money – people who are sewing their fingers to the bone creating masks for medical workers. That right there is beautiful, because although some don’t realize this yet – we’re all in this together.

I want to make sure that I am doing my part as well, so my content will be shifting. I’ll be sharing more here on the blog – I’m actually going to try and do daily blog posts covering all sorts of things. Cozy comfort wear. kids activities, pet content, lifestyle and home, the works. I want this to be a place you can come to escape, even if it’s just for a few minutes a day. I also want to HEAR FROM YOU,  I want your feedback, I want you to share your feelings, I want this to be a way that we can check in on each other.



What has been the most difficult part of all of this so far for you?

Let’s support each other below!