Today was the big doctors appointment to figure out exactly what fertility treatments we would be receiving. Before going I decided to take a pregnancy test {I knew they would ask me when the last time I took one was}.
And, turns out: It was POSITIVE!!.
{Me with the test- minus make-up {please ignore the background!}
{Close up}

We went to the doctors and I told them that I’d just taken a test, and it was positive.
They wanted to re-take the test just to be sure, and when we did- they came back negative. They tested me twice.
Both negative.
I started to cry immediately-then I looked over at my husband William and watched as his face changed. It was an awful feeling. Then they told us we’d have to go get blood work. So- we headed over and they took my blood. We sat and waited for 45 minutes praying that we WERE pregnant, and this WAS going to happen for us. And 45 minutes later, the nurse came in with a smile on her face and said “Yup, you’re pregnant!”. I screamed and group hugged my doctor, nurse and William.

We are SO happy!
I had to share this with you guys!!!