We got our Citrus Lane box in the mail the other day and Wyatt was so excited! This is the second box we have gotten so far and I am so impressed with the quality of the products.
Oh, I should probably mention that I paid for this box myself – this is my 100% honest review!
I remember looking at other reviews and they really helped me out when deciding whether or not to purchase- so hopefully this review can help someone else out too!
What is Citrus Lane? It’s a company that sends out monthly care packages for your little ones. Each box contains 4-5 products customized to fit your child’s age!

The boxes range from newborn-3 years!
So for all of you mommas who have little tots this box is perfect for you too!
Here is Wyatt opening this months box:
He loves to get his dimpled little hands on that yellow tissue paper!
Side note: I love the packaging, definitely going to re-use this box & tissue paper!

Here some items we got this month-
 Ella’s kitchen full-sized meals & some Nurturme snacks
{you add water/breast milk/formula to make a consistency like rice cereal}

Then there was a booklet that explains everything in the box, some coupons, and some all-natural skin care samples just for me {they are wonderful by the way!}.

There was a sippy cup {that Wyatt LOVES} made by the Zoli company. We tried it out and this thing was spill-proof! And the neat part is, it has a straw that is weighted at the bottom, so even if there are only a few drops left in the cup- the straw will move so none is wasted!
The last thing we got was this reusable snack bag. How nifty, right? And you don’t even have to use it for snacks- it can be used for a million other things!

The BEST part about Citrus Lane is their amazing customer service. And I can say this for sure because I have contacted them twice- both times I got a speedy response and resolution to the issue.
In comparison to the Bluum Box, you get more for your money- these items are well chosen and the retail value is FAR more than what you end up paying per month {$25}.
Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review- I did not receive this product for free- these are my honest opinions. The links to the site are referral links which means if you sign-up for a box then little Wyatt gets a credit toward his next box. If you would rather not use my referral link you can click here to go directly to the Citrus Lane website.