Let me first start off by saying, you are so amazing.
I am so proud of you every. single. day.
Even on your bad days
 {because they all aren’t candy canes and rainbows I’ll tell you that}.
Like today, when you were screaming – fighting off a nap.
I just pretended you were screaming “I love you momma! I love you!
Instead of the shrieking noise that has now become your cry.
But even on the rough days you always manage to redeem yourself.
Like today, when you reached for my face to give me a big, wet, kiss.
I picked you up, pulled you in close and gave you a big ol’ smooch right back.
I am proud of you because you are such a lover –
you snuggle, kiss, and always want to hold hands.
This makes me think that you are going to grow up to be a compassionate, caring, young man who appreciates and gives immense amounts of love. Just like I always knew you’d be.
And as I laid you down in your crib today for your afternoon nap
and told you how much I love you  
you reached up your arm and said…
” OOoooooh da-da.”