Introducing: Binki Bear
It’s a binki- it’s a bear- it’s a Binki Bear 🙂
“The BinkiBear is a babysafe teddy bear that securely holds baby’s pacifier.
BinkiBear securely holds your child’s pacifier to prevent them from dropping it and losing it, without extra pieces that would be uncomfy for baby to cuddle when the pacifier is not on the bear, meaning baby can find and replace the pacifier during the day and during sleep without waking you up!
 Use ANY PACIFIER ON THE MARKET without any adapters!”
The Binki Bear company generously sent us a bear to try.
At first Wyatt didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Then he started to try and pull the bear and the binki apart – but it didn’t work. The bear is very soft and cuddly, I really like the material it is made out of. Looks very durable – like it could live through being tugged at by a little boy

I was surprised at how easy it was to attach Wyatt’s binki.
Literally three steps and that binki isn’t going anywhere!

Our plan is to have Wyatt binki free by the time he is 18 months {or sooner} so we are starting to give him the Binki Bear at bedtime now so he can get used to it. Then when we want to take away the binki, he will still be left with the adorable bear- which will hopefully {fingers crossed} make the transition a little easier on him.
I will definitely do an update post about this product and how it worked for us.
This isn’t one of those things I can just write a review immediately for- it’s going to take some time {and serious testing by Wyatt}.
Have you heard of or used this product before?
Please share your thoughts & opinions or other ways you weaned your baby from their binki!
Learn more about BinkiBear here.