Let’s be honest, some days you feel like everyone is on your back.
Days when you feel like you can’t please anyone.
Today is definitely one of those days for me.
I woke up and everything that was weighing so heavily on my shoulders came crashing down.
I am having such a rough time right now.
Making big life-changing decisions that are being thrown at me.
All I can do is try to determine what is best for my family.
Because that’s what matters most.
I was moments away from letting all of these things get to me.
Moments away from letting my day go into a downward spiral.
Moments from giving-up.
My head was down and I got a burning feeling in my chest.
A sign that I was about to become emotional.
But before a single tear fell,
I looked up and saw this face…

And in a single moment – my mood completely shifted.
I got lost in his baby blue eyes, his dimpled cheeks, and his loving smile.
and quickly realized, I don’t have it bad at all.
But it’s okay — because everyone feels this way. 
Everyone has these moments — 
and it’s amazing how much your world can change with  just a glance.

Thank you so much Wyatt Bear. xox.
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