About Krystal & Epiphany’s Corner: 

“I recently left my career to stay home with my kiddos and couldn’t be happier! I’m loving having the time to play chase, read the same stories over and over, cook new things, make an attempt at organization, and actually finish those craft projects that always seemed to sit unfinished. I love decorating…especially coming up with ways to re-purpose found items. But I also love creating things from scratch. Each project is an epiphany…hence the name Epiphany’s Corner.”
I hope you enjoy!             
-Krystal’s Etsy Bio
Krystal was gracious enough to send Wyatt and I a sign for review and I absolutely love it. 
I love how it brightens up the boring white wall of my living room!
I sent her a sample “color image” in an aqua color – and she painted the canvas to match.
Most importantly, the message really touches my heart. 
It’s a daily reminder of how much I love my little guy – and how precious he is.
  Other items I’m loving:

So, what do you think?
Adorable – right?!
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