It’s Not My Job to Make YOU Comfortable with MY Plus Size Body
It's Not My Job to Make YOU Comfortable with MY Plus Size Body

It’s Not My Job to Make YOU Comfortable with MY Plus Size Body

I’m sure you’ve all seen it in the news, the scandal surrounding Victoria’s Secret and their article in Vogue. If you haven’t had a chance to read it I’ll give you a short synopsis, Victorias Secret basically said they have no interest in including plus size women in their shows. That they create “fantasies” and apparently we curvy gals don’t fit the bill. WOW.

Body shaming is everywhere, especially social media. And I experience it DAILY.

You wouldn’t believe how many DM’s I get on my Instagram daily pitching me get-skinny-quick schemes.

The shakes, the wraps, the crazy diets – they push it on me like it’s crazy for me to be living my life as a plus-size woman.

When I read these messages I imagine them being opened by a young heavyset girl. I imagine her feeling the same way I do, even for a split second. THAT SHE ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH.

And don’t even get me started on the comments (that I usually delete because my brand is inclusive of ALL sizes). 


“You’d be so much prettier if you were skinny.”

“Don’t you want to be healthy for your kids?”

“Aren’t you tired of being FAT.”


Let these words sink in for a minute. Imagine reading those words every single day. And no, I’m not complaining about the career path I chose. Because being on social media means you have to open yourself up to feedback from everyone, even if it isn’t nice

But instead of getting down on myself, I want to make a plan to reverse things. I want to create even MORE body positivity content this year. I want to take even MORE images of my 2x/3x body and plaster them all over the internet, and encourage other women to do the same.

I want to encourage others to love themselves and their bodies EXACTLY how they are – BECAUSE THIS IS THE MESSAGE THEY SHOULD BE HEARING! There is nothing wrong with being plus size. And because if you’re happy with your size, it truly doesn’t matter what other people say. Right?

So ladies, gentlemen, SPEAK UP. Spread positivity and kindness. Compliment each other, often – you just never know how much someone could use it. I make it a point every day to drop kind comments on social media, sometimes for hours (just ask my husband). Because the world needs it, I need it, and I have a feeling you need it too.

And before I leave you – I want to give you one small piece of wisdom that someone else passed onto me…

Usually, the rude, mean, cruel words that others type at their keyboards at night are a reflection of THEM, not YOU. Please remember this the next time you feel attacked for simply being you. Let those comments bounce back right off ya. And instead of giving in and getting mad (which is what most people want you to do), kill them with kindness.

Because maybe the words they speak are just a reflection of the thoughts that are bouncing around their heads about themselves.

with love,


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It's Not My Job to Make YOU Comfortable with MY Plus Size Body