Dear weather,
Why on Earth do you feel the need to get so hot. I mean, really. Don’t you think cool-weather-lovin’ folks like me deserve a nice breeze every now and then. When I saw the weather forecast for the next few days I nearly cried. How do I put this lightly, chubby people like myself do not do well in the heat, there – I said it. Warm weather is not flattering in the least bit to me.

Dear Endometerosis,
It would be wonderful if you would stop spreading. It would be equally as wonderful if you didn’t wake me every. single. night. Luckily, I have G.I. Joe in capsule form to fight off a bit of the pain that you cause. I can’t believe it’s only been a few months since my surgery and you’ve already returned full-force. I guess you missed me.

Dear Wyatt,
Thank you SO much for taking this whole “sleep-in-my-own-room” thing so well. I thought it was going to be a struggle but you’ve acted like such a big boy! For the first night  you cried a little {but your dad and I expected that}, and the second night your head hit the mattress and you were out in 1 minute! I am so proud of you! xo.

Dear Bloggers,
There are seriously some amazing little ladies out there that have shown me SO much kindness. This whole community is awesome – and I am thankful for each and every one of you.

Thank you so much for always being so incredibly supportive & patient. Thank you for taking care of me when i’m having a difficult time – for making dinners – for running baths – and for lifting all things heavy. i love you.

And lastly…

thanks for always being there to get me through the day. Especially lately. xo.