There was only one.
One photo that had Wyatt looking at the camera.
One that had me with my eyes open.
Because after they took a few photos – all heck broke loose.
Wyatt lost it – and William and I began dripping sweat in the overly heated room.
Let me tell you, it wasn’t pretty.
We had to call it quits –
after taking just 6 photos.

(I look sideways in this photo because they had me sitting on the edge of a couch.
It kind of looks like the photo was doctored and I was added in.)
Anyway, I’m thankful for the one photo that turned out okay.
Just look at Wyatt’s face – priceless!

Do you get family photos taken?
We are using ours for our Holiday cards!

PS: We got these photos done FREE! JcPenny is offering free family pictures for the month of November – you get a free 8×10 and a digital copy emailed to you!