current favorites

When I was pregnant with Wyatt, we lived in a really small town with NO maternity stores.We didn’t even have a Target. Yeah, not kidding. So now that I’m pregnant with #2 and we are now in a new location – I can’t help but indulge in some of the adorable (and so comfy) maternity items I’m seeing. Pretty much everything I buy is from Target unless I find a good score at the thrift store. I’ve purchased all of the items above and I absolutely love them.

I found the shoes pictured above for just $4 a pair at my Target so if you like the look you need to walk run over and pick them up. There are more colors too! Anyway, even though the collection of maternity items isn’t that great at Target – there are still some pieces that are worth purchasing. I love the Liz Lange collection because the cotton is so incredibly soft!

What are your preggo clothing must-haves?
Do you have a favorite maternity store?
PS: This is my 500th post! Pretty cool, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚