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Today we have a very special guest post. A guest post about Speech Delay. Since posting Wyatt’s story – I’ve received dozens of e-mails from other moms who suspect (or are going through) a Speech Delay. So, I wanted to take on some of your stories – to share them – to help spread the word – spread awareness – and let those moms know that they’re not alone.

If you’re interested in sharing yours please e-mail me: [email protected]

 Here is our first story:

Hello! My name is Julie and I blog over at Julie is Coco and Cocoa . I am a wife and Mom to three feisty boys. I am also a knitter, crocheter, and crafter. 
Two of my boys are twins that are 11 years old. My other son is 3 years old. Through experience I have, unfortunately, had to learn how important it is to have a good pediatrician when your kids are little. 
The pediatrician I had for the twins when they were younger was a very nice man. But almost every concern I brought to him he calmly brushed off. Since I was a first time Mom, and a young Mom at that, I trusted his years of experience. I shouldn’t have. 
It was one of their kindergarten teachers who first asked me about some of their speech difficulties. She arranged to have them tested through the school. I was told they had a slight problem, but not so badly that they needed any kind of therapy. I discussed again with the pediatrician and he agreed. 
Repeat for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade. 
By 4th grade their speech problems were incredibly apparent to me. And after much pushing I was finally (FINALLY) able to get them some help. 
Throughout all of this the pediatrician never expressed any concern. 
At this time they are still receiving speech services through their school. Because of their age it is difficult to take them out of school to get them private speech services. 
Around the time the twins started receiving speech services was also when we changed to a new pediatrician. 
One who listens. Who doesn’t brush me off. 
Who at my youngest son’s 3 year old check-up listened to his speech. Gave me suggestions to help him. And said she wanted to re-check him in 6 months and possibly start speech therapy for him. 
At 3 years old. Not in the 4th grade, when relearning speech techniques is much more difficult. 
Early intervention for speech delays, like for many things, is so important. While I had to learn through experience, I hope that others will not.