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Being a mom is flat-out hard. But it’s the best job in the world. There are a million things to do each day and sometimes it can just be overwhelming. I used to feel like I wasn’t doing a good job when I wasn’t getting everything on my checklist completed, but feeling that way wasn’t fair – because getting everything done is quite impossible. There are five tips that I like to follow to help make the days run smoother and make sure I’m accomplishing some of the things on my list.

  1. Don’t expect perfection, give yourself grace: This is the first and most important thing. No one is perfect, no one can do everything. Life happens and situations arise. You can’t predict when your baby will be teething or your toddler will have a tantrum – things like this push everything else back. You have to take your day one step at a time and if you need a snuggle break with your little one – than that’s what you need to do! 
  2. Set a schedule, and do your best to stick to it: Setting a schedule has helped me out so much lately, because I always know what is next. The kids generally wake up at the same time each day which has allowed me to really plan our days – if we are doing a special thing I plan everything else around it. I have an Erin Condren planner that I write EVERYTHING in – every bill, every appointment, when garbage day is. Being able to look at my planner and see exactly what the day holds helps me face it with confidence.
  3. Take time for yourself: This is absolutely necessary. You need time to recharge your batteries, process your day, and just have quiet. My quiet time is after the kids go to bed, I start the coffee maker, take a quick shower, and sit on the couch with my cup. It’s quiet, the coffee is hot, and I have time to just relax. I have coffee because it helps fuel me up for work – which I do at night until around 11.
  4. Clean/pick-up when you can: If Levi is napping Wyatt will help me do some laundry. He helps put things from the washer into the dryer and really enjoys it! We also go upstairs and do the dishes (Wyatt colors on his chalkboard wall while I clean the kitchen) and I just do as much as I can before Levi gets back up. I put a cube organizer in our living room with different bins to keep everything organized. We have one for toys, diapers, wipes, creams/lotions, blankets, art supplies, etc. So we know where everything is. It also helps because at the end of the day right after I put the boys down I can do a clean sweep of the living room and I’m not running all over the place to find “homes” for everything. It’s all right there! This has been a huge time saver, huge!
  5. Make shopping easier: I am a BIG fan of shopping online. I like to purchase the boys Huggies at Diapers.com. It makes shopping for bigger items like diapers and wipes so much easier – I don’t have to lug big boxes around or load them into the car. We spend less time shopping for “boring” stuff and more time having fun! When I see that we’re running low on diapers I just log-in, add them to the cart, and check out. It takes literally 2 minutes. Plus you can get some pretty great deals – like right now when you use code WOWHUGGIES you can get $12 OFF a case of Huggies! $12 people! That’s one major coupon! Right now it’s only available to first time shoppers so if you’ve never shopped at Diapers.com head over and snag this awesome deal! You’ll also get free shipping off an order of $49 or more.
Click image to check out Huggies at Diapers.com and save $12!
Click image to check out Huggies at Diapers.com and save $12!


What are your time-saving tips?

Do you follow a schedule, shop online, etc?