16 Infused water recipes to try

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Hey y’all!  Kelley here from The Grant Life again to share some delicious infused water recipes.  Why?  Well because it’s summer and its starting to get hot and water is the best solution.  And not just any water, delicious fruit and herb infused water!  I like ice cold water but I LOVE infused water.  It has so many health benefits, plus its just tasty. 

So today I rounded up 16 delicious infused water recipes for yall.  I hope you stay hydrated this summer and with this list that should be easy!

  1. Lemon lime cucumber water
  2. Watermelon mint lime
  3. Strawberry orange mint
  4. Cherry mint
  5. Very berry lemon water
  6. Ginger pear cinnamon and vanilla bean
  7. Blackberry mint
  8. Kiwi blackberry
  9. Cherry lime
  10. Mojito water
  11. Lemon blackberry
  12. Cucumber basil
  13. Strawberry watermelon mint
  14. Raspberry mint
  15. Orange basil
  16. Strawberry cucumber basil

Which delicious recipe will YOU try?