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Clubfoot Baby Must-Haves

Hello, friends!

Hope you’re having a great day! As you may know, my little guy Levi was born with Clubfoot. When we got his diagnosis, we weren’t sure what we would need, or what the essentials were. On a whim I created a Facebook group for other moms to chat, inspire, and share our daily lives raising a child with Clubfoot. It’s called Clubfoot Mommas and it currently has over 3,500+ members! ALL of the members of this group have a very personal connection with clubfoot, 90% are raising a little one with Clubfoot currently.

I polled the members of our group and we compiled a list of our must-have items! Man, I wish this would have been available back when Levi was first born! It’s so difficult to prep for a new baby, but having a list of items that have been used and trusted by other people going through the exact same thing you are is flat-out handy! If you’re currently awaiting the arrival of your clubfoot cutie, be sure to use this list to map out your registry! And please, connect with Clubfoot Mommas on Facebook and Instagram!

Clubfoot Mommas Must-Have List:


1 | Snap-up Footless Pajamas

2 | Footless Baby Clothing

3 | Leg Warmers

4 | Halo SleepSacks

5 | Triple Roll Socks

6 | Elastic Bottom Baby Gowns


7 | The Parents’ Guide to Clubfoot

8 | My Baby Brother has Happy Feet

9 | My Little Sister has Happy Feet

10 | My Clever Night-Night Shoes

11 | Trust Your Melody

Medicine Cabinet:

12 | Infants’ Tylenol

13 | Infants’ Motrin

14 | Baby Powder

15 | Coconut Oil

16 | Gripe Water

17 | Gas Drops

18 | DuoDerm


19 | Tiny Love Rocker

20 | Fisher Price Moonlight Meadow Deluxe Bouncer

21 | Fisher Price Rock and Play

22 | Beco Gemini Baby Carrier

23 | LileBaby Carrier

24 | Moby Wrap

25 | Boppy Newborn Lounger

26 | Fisher Price My Little SnugglePuppy Cradle and Swing

27 | DockATot

28 | White Noise Machine

29 | Car Seat Strap Covers (can be used to cover bar on boots)

30 | Safety Monitor

Are YOU a Clubfoot Momma (or Dad) who has something to add to the list?

Drop us a link so we can update our list!


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Clubfoot Baby Must-Haves