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Hello, friends!

Happy Friday! Hope you’re having a great day so far! As you may know, I completely love the farmhouse style. My home is a current work in progress as we decorate and make it our own, but something that is also really important to me is affordability. I wanted to create an ongoing blog series where each Friday I showcase some affordable items that you might like, too. Each Friday will have it’s own theme, and today, the theme is Farmhouse linens!

Finding Farmhouse decor is easy, but finding good quality, affordable farmhouse linens is a bit harder. But, no worries – I’ve put together this list of under $20 affordable farmhouse linens that would make a great addition to any home! Take a peek at the list below and let me know what item is YOUR favorite!

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Affordable Farmhouse Linens:

  1. Oversized French Stripe Dishtowel (set of 3) | $12.99

  2. Burlap Cream Lace Table Runner | $13.99

  3. Simple Striped Home Body Pillowcases | $3.97

  4. Jute Fringe Table Runner | $10.99

  5. Love Lives Here | $18.99

  6. Love You More Linen Pillow | $15.00

  7. Together is a Wonderful Place to Be | $19.19

  8. Compass Pillow Case | $3.69

  9. Country Fresh Farmhouse Rooster Pillow | $8.49

  10. Deer Pillow Cover | $3.59

Which item is YOUR favorite?

I’m really crushing on the Love Lives Here pillow!

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Affordable Farmhouse Linens